In Memory

Sister Lucille (Mary Aloysia) Goertz, OSB
December 13, 1925 - April 22, 2018

Perpetual Profession, December 15, 1946

“For me, seeking God is primary and should be uppermost in the minds of those who wish to live the monastic way of life. If God is not the foundation of our life, the most important element is missing. The primary focus of Cenobitic life is living all aspects of the way Christ would have us live.”
An excerpt from Sr. Lucille Goertz, OSB’s journal from her trip to Rome, 1980.

Sister Lucille faithfully sought God in her work and prayer. She lived the Benedictine way of life with courage, compassion, and conviction, always true to God and to her community. Her grace-filled leadership taught us life-long values and so much more.

Her memory is ever present, reminding each of us to live simplistically and purposefully, act justly, love unconditionally, and respect all of human kind.




Sister Lucille Goertz