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The Benedictine Sisters Community, 2011

The Benedictine Sisters Community, 2011
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Sister Sylvia Ahr

Sister Syliva AhrSister Sylvia Ahr was born in San Antonio and grew up in Corpus Christi with 8 brothers and sisters. In middle school, her family moved to San Antonio and she attended St. Benedict’s School, where she was taught by the Benedictine Sisters. She decided to join the Sisters when she was 14, and she attended high school at St. Albert’s Hall in Boerne, which was at the time, a school for girls interested in becoming Sisters. After high school, she attended Incarnate Word and received her BA in home economics and education. She also obtained teaching certification in high school and elementary.

Sr. Sylvia taught at St. Benedict, Holy Spirit and St. Albert. She also served as a principal, administrator and executive director of various schools and child care programs. While doing these jobs, she honed her management skills, and became the Treasurer for the Sisters in 1997. She helped form Benedictine Ministries Corporation, was on the Sisters’ Council, served as Assistant Prioress and served on many of the Sisters’ committees, as well as various boards.

Currently, Sr. Sylvia is Treasurer for the Sisters and she is on the Sisters’ Council, BMC Board, and Finance Committee, as well as serving as a Trustee. Sr. Sylvia fondly remembers the Sisters’ Annual Retreats, and how wonderful it was when all the Sisters would come back home to Boerne from schools and the hospital and nursing home. “It was just the idea of ‘Together’ and hearing things ‘Together.’ We were together and hearing the same things.”

Sister Michael Brandt

Sister Michael BrandtSister Michael Brandt was born in San Antonio, Texas. She is the oldest in the family with three younger brothers, and she became a Benedictine Sister in 1964. Her education includes degrees/certification in science, math, education and management. Sr. Michael enjoys cooking, collecting recipes, and growing herbs, and is very involved in animal advocacy. She has enjoyed the ministries of teaching and school administration, as well as having been an administrator with Benedictine Ministries Corporation from 1997 - 2010.

Over the years, Sr. Michael has been active in the internal ministry of her Benedictine Community serving on various committees as well as the Sisters’ Council. She returned to Benedictine Ministries in 2012 and currently serves as the Director.

Sister’s favorite instruction from the Rule of Benedict is “Listen,” while one of her favorite scripture passages is “Trust in the Lord. Acknowledge the Lord in everything and He shall direct your paths.” – Proverbs 3:5-6.

Sister Frances Briseño

Sister Frances BrisenoSister Frances Briseño was born in Comfort, Texas. She became interested in religious life during summers when the Benedictines would go to Comfort to teach two weeks of Religious Education classes and Vacation Bible School. She was especially inspired by Sister Boniface Bartsch who used to tell her, “One day you will be in the Convent.”

Sr. Frances joined the Boerne Benedictine Sisters at the young age of sixteen. She made her first vows on June 7, 1969 and completed her final vows five years later on August 10, 1974.

Her first working assignment was teaching at St. Benedict School in San Antonio. She also taught at Holy Spirit and St. Philip of Jesus Catholic Schools, and in time, she returned to St. Benedict School to serve as principal.

Sister has worked in the area of spirituality for many years. In 1980, she was called back to Comfort where she accepted the position of Pastoral Associate at Sacred Heart Parish. She has worked in Vocations and on-going formation for the Community, and she has served with the Bexar County Detention Ministries.

In the late 1980’s she was the Associate Director of RENEW in the Archdiocese of San Antonio. From 1992-1997, Sr. Frances served as the Prioress of the Boerne Benedictine Community. In 1997, she became Pastoral Associate at St. Francis of Assisi Parish in San Antonio where she spent twelve years.

In 2009, Sr. Frances served as the Program Outreach Director at Omega Retreat Center as well as Executive Director of Benedictine Ministries. She was instrumental in leading the campaign to complete the St. Francis of Assisi outdoor chapel and Mary’s Garden projects at Omega. In 2012, Sr. Frances returned to parish ministry. She is currently Pastoral Administrator of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church in Leon Springs, Texas. Sr. Frances has served on the Sisters’ Council since 2011.

Sr. Frances holds an MA in Marriage and Family Therapy and Christian Spirituality and a certificate in Theological Studies from the Graduate Theological Union. She is also a certified Spiritual Director. In her off hours Sr. Frances’ enjoys reading, gardening, music, “good friends, and good conversation.”

Sister Mary Rose Goertz

Sister Mary Rose GoertzSister Mary Rose Goertz was born in Red Rock, Texas. She and her 11 brothers and sisters grew up on a farm with a very loving family. The Benedictine Sisters were teaching in Rockne while Sr. Mary Rose was young, and she was attracted to the community by their family spirit, due to the Congregation being small and close knit. She joined the Sisters after she graduated from high school at the age of 16.

Sr. Mary Rose has served in various ministries, including being a teacher, working at St. Benedict’s Hospital and Nursing Home as an LVN and dietician, serving as Sub-Prioress for 8 years and serving as Prioress of the Community for 6 years. She started working at the Omega Retreat Center on the Sisters’ grounds in 1989, first in the office and then in food service for the Omega Retreats. Sr. Mary Rose still cooks for retreatants to this day and truly enjoys her work. She takes the words of St. Benedict very seriously to “Treat all guests as Christ,” and she serves retreat participants with joy. She takes pleasure in working with the wonderful staff, and sharing Benedictine spirituality and her love of cooking.

Sr. Mary Rose finds it very rewarding when former patients, employees, students and retreatants come back and give such positive feedback about the Sisters. Retreatants often tell her that their lives have been changed by the retreats at Omega and that they feel peace just by coming through the gate.

Sr. Mary Rose said, “I remember when we moved in 1962 to Boerne and when we sold the hospital and nursing home. It was saying goodbye but also welcoming the new.”

Sister Mechtilde Goertz

Sister Mechtilde GoertzSister Mechtilde Goertz was born in her parents’ country home in Rockne, Texas. She had one younger sister, and her father was a carpenter. Sr. Mechtilde’s mother died when she was very young, so she was raised by her grandparents and her 2 aunts. They lived a simple life, and went to church in a horse drawn buggy and handmade their blankets, beds and dresses. Her father built a church in Rockne that still stands today. Sr. Angela and other Benedictine Sisters taught her in school, and that is how she became familiar with the Community.

She joined the Sisters at the age of 16 with Sr. Mary Rose Goertz and Sr. Leioba Bartsch. She finished high school at Incarnate Word, and then, after finding that teaching was not her ideal profession, she attended Incarnate Word and Santa Rosa Hospital to earn a dual BS and nursing degree. She worked at St. Benedict’s Hospital and Nursing Home, and also went to people’s houses to care for them. When the Sisters moved to Boerne she was instrumental in starting the Rainbow Senior Center and starting a meal program for seniors. She also took care of the older Sisters, helped expand the large guest house at the Monastery, and was very involved with the children at Children’s Inn. She enjoyed taking care of the grounds, including cutting the grass and gardening. Sr. Mechtilde also survived a stroke and other health issues.

Today, Sr. Mechtilde enjoys walking outdoors, fishing, camping, playing cards, and puzzles. She is an avid baseball fan and loves to travel. She remembers going with Sr. Lucille to find Sr. Leocadia’s body to bury her in the cemetery on the Sisters’ grounds in Boerne. She also had a fantastic trip to Germany to trace her family history. She visited the house that her great grandfather Goertz lived in, and she also found the church where he was baptized.

Sister Lucille Goertz

Sister Lucille GoertzDecember 13, 1925 - April 22, 2018

Sister Lucille (Mary Aloysia) Goertz, OSB, went peacefully into the arms of God on Sunday, April 22nd 2018 in Boerne, Texas.

Sister Lucille was born in Red Rock, Texas on December 13, 1925. She was the fourth of twelve children. Sister Lucille attended school and church in Rockne, Texas. Her teachers were Boerne Benedictine Sisters and were a great influence on her decision to enter the Benedictine Community on September 1, 1940. Sister Lucille made her monastic profession in 1946.

Sister Lucille earned a Bachelor Degree in Home Economics from Incarnate Word College and a Masters Degree in Education from Our Lady of the Lake. She spent many of her early community years teaching at Catholic Schools including Immaculate Heart of Mary in San Antonio, Sacred Heart (Rockne and San Antonio), and St. Benedict’s in San Antonio. She also taught at St. Albert Hall in Boerne.

Sister Lucille served in many roles in her Benedictine Community including Director of Novices, Sub-Prioress, and Prioress from 1974 - 1982. She also served as President of the Leadership Conference for Women Religious Region 12.

Sister Lucille will be remembered for sharing her energy, enthusiasm, love, and grace with her Benedictine Community. She brought her Community forward following the mandate from Rome (2nd Vatican Council) to update and renew Religious Life. By her involvement in the Federation of St. Scholastica and the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, LCWR, she was able to engage her Community in these organizations. Sister Lucille was chosen by the Federation to be one of their representatives in Rome during the 1980 celebration of the 1500th anniversary of the founding of the Benedictine Order. Sister also had a passion for being involved the Boerne civic community. Following her term in leadership she went on a sabbatical to Loyola Marymount, California. Upon returning, she worked in campus ministry at San Antonio College for two years. In 1985, Sister was asked by the Federation to be the administrator of the Benedictine Monastery of Covington, Louisiana for three years. When she returned, she graciously worked at St. Albert’s Early Learning Center for a year.

In her retirement years, Sister Lucille enjoyed spending time with the children from Children’s Inn, keeping busy with small jobs, visiting her family, taking short trips by car, and going out to eat. After a fall and hip surgery she was unable to complete rehabilitation and lived her last years at Cibolo Nursing Home in Boerne, TX.

Sister Thecla Goertz

Sister Thecla GoertzNovember 23, 1925 – December 23, 2011

Sister Thecla Goertz was born in Red Rock, Texas. She was one of 9 children in her family, and Sr. Thecla was taught by the Benedictine Sisters in elementary and middle school. She enjoyed teaching her little brothers and sisters, and after joining the Sisters in 1945, she attended Incarnate Word and Our Lady of the Lake Colleges and majored in education, with later additional studies at St. Mary’s University and UTSA. Most of Sr. Thecla’s work was in education, and she was a principal as well as a teacher at Sacred Heart, St. Benedict’s, St. Albert’s in Boerne and St. John the Evangelist in San Antonio. She also taught CCD at Fort Sam Houston and taught one year at Boerne public school. Sr. Thecla has taught at schools where current Sisters attended before they became Sisters, and she says she enjoyed teaching children in multiple grades.

Sr. Thecla also served as a Community Trustee and was on the Revenue Sharing Committee. She enjoyed spending spare time reading and praying. One of her favorite things was meeting former students again as adults and learning what they have become. She taught children that are now priests, doctors, lawyers and even a president of a university, and they would often thank her for inspiring them at a young age.

Sister Mary Lou Hernandez

Sister Mary Lou HernandezSister Mary Lou Hernandez was born in San Antonio, Texas. There were only three children in her immediate family, but in her extended Flores family there were a multitude of aunts, uncles, cousins, and various other relatives. Her family holds yearly reunions and they celebrated their 100th anniversary on December 4, 2010. This large extended family was like its own community, which helped Sr. Mary Lou to easily relate to community life with the Sisters. She started her career in bookkeeping at the very young age of 9 when she kept a simple set of books at her aunt’s grocery store. She had various jobs after graduating from high school, and was married and lived in San Diego briefly. Sr. Mary Lou and her son, Richard F. Hernandez, lived in San Antonio and Richard was taught by the Benedictine Sisters at Sacred Heart School, where Sister got to know the Benedictines. She also worked at a company located across the street from St. Benedict’s Hospital and Nursing Home, where she got to know the Sisters further and became interested in joining their community.

Sr. Mary Lou became a Sister in 1972, and served the community in the areas of bookkeeping, maintenance of the archives, and helping those who came to the Sisters for assistance. Today, she continues her archive duties, as well as maintaining files of the Sisters’ coverage in the media, and she is still diligently working to help those in need. Sr. Mary Lou has 2 granddaughters and 3 great-grandchildren. She has always loved children and has cared for many, and she has especially enjoyed her time with the children at Children’s Inn, on the grounds of the Benedictine Sisters.

Sister Ursula Herrera

Sister Urusula HerreraSister Ursula Herrera was born in Brady, Texas, which was an old farming and ranching town. There were 8 children in her family, and their family was very close. The family moved to Boerne when she was 2 years old. As a teenager, she was very involved in her youth group and Sodality. Fr. Hilsher would take the teens to church at the convent and that is how she got to know the sisters and decided to join them. After attending high school at the convent, she went to various colleges and graduated with her BS in nursing from the UT Health Science Center School of Nursing. She worked at St. Benedict’s Hospital and Nursing Home, as well as assisting women with food, clothing and help against abuse in San Antonio. Sr. Ursula also worked at Santa Rosa Downtown, and then Santa Rosa North West in the rehabilitation unit.

In 1996, Sr. Ursula was called to Eagle Pass to start a border ministry. Today, Sr. Ursula, along with Sr. Germaine, operates a mission house in Eagle Pass called Caridad de Corazón. Many volunteer groups and youth groups come to the mission house each year to do missionary/volunteer work on both sides of the Texas/Mexico border. Sr. Ursula coordinates these mission groups and projects. Sr. Ursula also works at Maverick County Hospital District doing diabetes and nutritional education, as well as working in the rehabilitation unit on a part-time basis. She also provides aid to five local orphanages, brings food to a soup kitchen, helps at a community center and works with a scholarship program in Piedras Negras to help better children’s education and lives. Sr. Ursula happily recalls her mission work in the Yucatan, where she taught women to sew, and served as a nurse and translator. She says that experience is “Probably why I continue my mission work on the border. I have a mission heart.”

Sister Kathleen Higgins

Sister Kathleen HigginsA native of Brooklyn, NY, Sister Kathleen Higgins grew up in Mishawka, IN. Following high school, she enlisted in the United States Army where she received medical training as a 91C. She was stationed at Fort Sam Houston’s main hospital in San Antonio. In addition to her medical responsibilities, Sr. Kathleen pitched softball for the 5th Army Women’s Softball Team.

In 1974, Sr. Kathleen entered Religious Life with the Congregation of Benedictine Sisters. She made her final vows in August, 1982 and has taught Religion, Art, and Social Studies in secondary and elementary schools. She also served with the Boerne EMS during the 1970’s. Sr. Kathleen has served as Co-Director of the Omega Retreat Center in Boerne and she is currently the Congregation’s Vocation Director and Monastery Coordinator.

Sr. Kathleen earned her Masters Degree in Theological Studies from the Oblate School of Theology and completed a three year Spiritual Directors’ Formation Program through the Archdiocese of San Antonio. She holds an Associates Degree in Advertising and Commercial Art from San Antonio Community College and she studied History at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Sr. Kathleen remembers her mission work in the Yucatan, which truly taught her the meaning of the words “Give us this day our daily bread,” in the Lord’s Prayer. She says her work there was “very rewarding,” and “It gave me a deeper appreciation of what I had.”

Sr. Kathleen enjoys reading and outdoor activities including gardening, camping, and fishing.

Sister Bernice Lindsey

Sister Bernice LindseySister Bernice Lindsey was born in Trenton, New Jersey. She was the 6th of 8 children in her family, and she was taught by Franciscan Priests and Sisters at her Catholic school when she was growing up. She left home at the age of 16, and later married a man in the Military. Sr. Bernice had 5 children, and she traveled throughout the U.S. and Europe. Her family was very close, and did many things together. When they moved to Fort Hood, Texas in 1973, they knew this would be her husband’s last duty assignment before retirement and that they would make their permanent home in Killeen, Texas.

When Sr. Bernice’s husband passed away and her children began their lives as adults, she began discerning where God was calling her at this time in her life. After much prayer and discernment she recognized that she was being called to religious life. Even though she was taught by Franciscan’s and was a Secular Franciscan in her adult life, the Spirit directed Sr. Bernice to the Benedictine Sisters in Boerne, Texas which she joined in 1990.

Sr. Bernice has overcome many struggles in life, from living on the streets as a teenager, to the loss of three children at young ages, to surviving late stage 4 Breast Cancer. Today she is known as the "Bionic Nun" because she has 10 artificial joints. Through all of this she has never lost faith.

Sr. Bernice has served in many different ministries, such as serving as Pastoral Associate for Fort Hood, Texas, where she was in charge of all ministries for the overall post. She has also worked for the Archdioceses of the Military, Houston, and San Antonio, and the Diocese of Austin. She has been an Advocate and Notary for the Tribunals of each of these archdioceses/dioceses and Director of Religious Education and Youth Ministry. She has done counseling for families and marriage preparations, and she has also ministered to youth and young adults. Sr. Bernice is a certified bereavement counselor, and she specializes in working with families who have experienced the loss of a loved one.

Currently, Sr. Bernice continues her work with the Tribunal. She is a Facilitator for World Community Christian Meditators and is a Spiritual Director for individuals. Sister is involved with retreat work and Spiritual direction within the Cursillo Movement of the Catholic Church. She plans to resume her advocacy for neglected and abused children in San Antonio and surrounding areas soon.

Sister Susan Mika

Sister Susan MikaSister Susan Mika comes from a large family and has traveled many places due to her father being in the military. Sr. Susan has served as a teacher at several Catholic schools and served as principal at St. Benedict’s Catholic School and St. Albert’s High School. She has also been the Executive Director of the Texas Coalition for Responsible Investment and the Benedictine Resource Center. Sr. Susan served as the Prioress of the Benedictine Sisters. She is currently the Executive Director of the Socially Responsible Investment Coalition and the Benedictine CRI and is part of the Leadership Team for the Congregation.

Sr. Susan helped to found Camino a la Paz Intercongregational Justice and Peace Office, the Coalition for Justice in the Maquiladoras (CJM) and the Benedictine Coalition for Responsible Investment (CRI). Her work on justice and peace issues through corporate responsibility has afforded her a host of opportunities, including speaking truth to power at many dialogues with companies and at many annual meetings of stockholders. Over the years, many religious orders have used their stock ownership to raise many critical questions with companies. Sr. Susan feels very blessed to be a part of the family of the Benedictine Sisters of Boerne.

Sr. Susan recounts memories about past Sisters, stating, “Sr. Angela Arencibia, who came with the Sisters when they left Cuba, said at one community meeting, “We must risk, risk, risk.” She was saying it from the heart and had lived through many of the community’s hard times in the early days.”

Sister Victoria Anne Olivares

Sister Victoria Anne Olivares, OSBSister Victoria Anne Olivares was born in San Antonio and she is one of 8 children. Her mother passed away when Sister was young and she and her brothers and sisters were raised by her father, grandmother and aunt. She grew up in a very loving family, despite the absence of her mother, and she remembers gaining her strong religious background from her grandmother. Sister Victoria Anne attended Immaculate Heart of Mary and was taught by the Benedictine Sisters, and later attended St. Henry’s. She graduated from Providence High School. Her aunt always encouraged her to work hard in school and continue her studies, and she thanks her aunt for her inspiration and guidance.

In later years, Sr. Victoria Anne visited the Benedictine Sisters on South Alamo Street and enjoyed the Convent and the Sisters so much that she decided to join them in 1961. She worked at St. Benedict’s Hospital and Nursing Home in the area of food preparation. Sr. Victoria Anne attended Incarnate Word College, where she earned her BA in Elementary Education and her teaching certification. Over the years, she taught at many schools, including St. Benedict, Holy Spirit, and St. Gregory. Sr. Victoria Anne has over 20 years of experience teaching in schools within the Archdiocese of San Antonio, which also includes CCD and religious education. She also taught for 10 years in the Edgewood School District.

From 2010 to 2012, Sr. Victoria Anne was on Sabbatical, where she gained a renewed spirit. She plans to continue teaching and staying active. Sr. Victoria Anne said “I listened to God’s call and that has been very rewarding,” and she believes that many people are being called by God, they just need to hear that call. She also enjoys seeing former students and the progress they have made in their lives.

Sister Bernadine Reyes

Sister Bernadine ReyesSister Bernadine Reyes was born in Riviera, Texas. Her father, Bernardo, was from Mexico and her mother, Basilisa, was born and raised in Texas. Sr. Bernadine was the youngest in the family, with two older brothers, Raul and Ernesto. She went to nursing school in Corpus Christi, Texas, to become a registered nurse and during her time there, she met three Benedictine Sisters from Boerne who were also nursing school students. She had always been interested in religious life, so after graduation, she entered the Benedictine Sisters of Boerne as a postulant in 1964.

During her life as a Sister, she has enjoyed all her ministry experiences over the years. While working and residing at St. Benedict’s Health Care Center she learned much from the staff and the patients and was very close to all of them. She had the privilege of living with several Sisters from the founding community. They entered while the Sisters were still on the Isle of Pines in Cuba. “I knew these Sisters in their elder years and have many memories of them. I especially remember taking Sr. Gertrude for wheelchair rides out in the neighborhood,” Sr. Bernadine recalled.

Vocation and Formation ministry gave her the opportunity to guide women through the vocational journey and its challenges. At St. Phillip’s parish she developed a Hispanic ministry and utilized her own language for the benefit of the program. She participated in grassroots efforts with Community Organized for Public Service (COPS). This experience offered her a solid background for her next challenge, Hispanic Outreach in the Boerne area. This ministry was centered around many issues regarding immigration and focused on ways to support the immigrants and the poor in the area.

Sr. Bernadine studied formation ministry in St. Louis for a year and later received a Master’s in Theological Studies from the Oblate School of Theology. She is a gifted spiritual director and has directed private retreatants. Being Prioress has allowed her to share her leadership abilities with her Benedictine Community. It has also opened up opportunities for her to experience the broader world of Benedictines in the US and Religious Life today.

Sr. Bernadine currently serves as Board President of the Intercultural Consultation Services, Detroit Michigan. She was elected Prioress of the Benedictine Sisters in 2001 and will continue to serve until 2018.

Sister Antoinette Van Galen

Sister Antoinette Van GalenSister Antoinette Van Galen was born in Summit, Illinois and was the oldest of four children. Her family moved to Prince Ranch, Texas when she was young, and they moved several more times due to her father’s employment. Her call to monastic life was influenced by a book called “The Grail” which was sent to her monthly by the Benedictine Sisters in San Antonio, Texas. She entered St. Scholastica Monastery in 1943 and made her final profession in 1949.

Sr. Antoinette received her BS and MED degrees in education at Our Lady of the Lake University, and her Masters degree in guidance and counseling from St. Mary’s University. She was a dedicated teacher, and her ministry through 45 years of teaching was at all levels in the schools that were operated by the Benedictine Sisters. She taught at the secondary level in San Antonio and served as Archdiocesan Supervisor of Catholic Schools for seven years.

Sr. Antoinette currently serves in a variety of ministries within the monastery, such as being the Oblate Director and teaching spirituality to senior citizens at the Health and Wholeness Center. She says, “The one thread that runs through my life is that of service to others, the ability to use my God given talents to respond to whatever and wherever the need may be.” Sr. Antoinette also states, “One of my fondest memories is teaching Secondaria in Mexico City and enjoying the culture.”

Sister Mary Agnes Zinni

Sister Mary Agnes ZinniSister Mary Agnes Zinni was born in Batavia, New York to a family with 4 children. She grew up in a very loving Italian immigrant family environment, and her parents’ deep faith planted the seeds that would later open her to God’s call to religious community life in her church. Sr. Mary Agnes took her first vows as a Franciscan Sister in Paterson, New Jersey in 1945, and after training, she was sent to work at Holy Cross Hospital in Austin, TX. While there, she served as Chief Medical Technologist and subsequently Hospital Administrator.

Sr. Mary Agnes received her BS in Chemistry/Biology from St. Joseph College in Connecticut and her MEd in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Texas at Austin. After working in the Austin Diocese and opening special projects for the poor in Austin, Waco and San Antonio, she was drawn to the Boerne Benedictine Community, and she joined them in 1987. She said, “I realized God was gracing me with a deep love for Benedictine Monastic Spirituality. I was one in spirit with the Community’s prayer life and commitment to justice and peace.”

Sr. Mary Agnes has served in many different positions and ministries with the Benedictine Sisters. Within Community she has served on the Sisters Council and as Monastery Coordinator, Sub-Prioress, Prioress, President of the Benedictine Ministries Corporation Board, and Formation Director. In Community ministries she has served as Director of the Omega Retreat Center, Coordinator of Spirituality Programs and Spiritual Director.

Today, Sr. Mary Agnes is highly involved in St. Peter Upon the Water (a spiritual direction formation program of the Archdiocese of San Antonio), Christian Mysticism, and Contemplative Outreach San Antonio. Sr. Mary Agnes said, “A special joy for me has been the past 10 years in which I have been privileged to be a part of the expanding collaboration of Omega and the Benedictine Sisters with other spirituality programs, schools and centers.”

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(l-r) Sisters Susan Mika, OSB, Michael Brandt, OSB, Frances Briseño, OSB (newly elected Prioress), Sylvia Ahr, OSB, and Ursula Herrera, OSB


St. Scholastica Monastery
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St. Scholastica Monastery in Boerne, Texas is one of twenty Monasteries of Benedictine Women that comprise the Federation of St. Scholastica. Established on February 25, 1922, the Federation provides autonomous Monasteries with a great deal of support. Elected leaders promote unity among members, protect the canonical rights of the members, and act as a liaison between the Apostolic See and each Monastery.

Charism Statement
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