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News & Events 2015

Golden Jubilee
July 18, 2015

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Sr. Ursula Herrera, OSB and Sr. Susan Mika, OSB celebrated their Golden Jubilee on Saturday, July 18 at St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church in Boerne. Family and friends enjoyed the afternoon’s festivities. Congratulations Sisters Ursula and Susan for fifty years of dedicated Religious service!

Benedictine Sisters 10th Annual Spaghetti Dinner Event Filled with Community Spirit

Wednesday, March 25th, marked the Benedictine Sisters’ 10th Annual Feast of St. Benedict Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction. The event was held at the Omega Retreat Center on the beautiful grounds of the Benedictines. The Sisters, staff, and more than 80 volunteers including Oblates, Knights of Columbus Council #10940, and Boy Scout Troop #18 from St. Peter’s Parish orchestrated another fun, successful event that was filled with community spirit. Over 500 meals were served.

The Benedictines wish to thank everyone who supported this year’s event.