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Discerning Religious Life as a Benedictine Sister
We Invite You to Come and See

woman praying about her vocation
Are you hearing a call from God to Religious life?


Are you hearing a call from God to Religious life? We encourage you to listen to this call and to enter into discerning what this call means in your life. We also encourage you to explore the call with a trusted companion.

The Monastic way of life includes communal Prayer, community life, learning the values of Benedict that move us to “live well together”. Once rooted in these values, we can move into ministry, serving others through the talents with which we have been gifted.

If you feel called to Monastic life, then we invite you to come and see. We welcome you and are happy to share our way of life. If you choose to continue in relationship with us, we will share the formation process with you.

Our Vocations Team

Still not sure about how you are being called to Religious Life?

Complete a Vocation Match profile to narrow your search and discover God’s call in your life.

Contact Us

For more information, please call (830) 816-8504.

General Guidelines


Candidates should be at least 21 years of age and not more than 55 years old.


Candidates should have a high school degree or GED and have completed at least two years of college or work.

Financial Responsibility

A candidate should be free of major debts and able to cover insurance and living expenses during her postulancy.

Converts or Those Who Have Been Away from the Church

Candidates who are converts to the Catholic Church or who are returning after an absence, are required to be a practicing Catholic for at least two years.

Widowed or Divorced

Candidates who are widowed or divorced (an annulment is required) are eligible to seek candidacy usually after a period of three years.

Health Requirements

Medical and psychological evaluations are required before candidates are accepted into our Community.


Each applicant is considered on an individual basis, taking into account each woman’s circumstances.

Come and See

We encourage anyone who is seriously considering religious life to come spend time with our Community. Please contact us to arrange a visit.

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