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Corporate Responsibility Program


Corporate Responsibility meeting

The Benedictine Sisters began their work in corporate responsibility in 1982 as a founding member of the Texas Coalition for Responsible Investment (CRI). The Sisters joined the national group, Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) in 1990 and formed their own corporate responsibility program at that time. In 2003, the Sisters were instrumental in the establishment of the Benedictine Coalition for Responsible Investment. Currently, ten Benedictine monasteries are working together to make a difference in monitoring their portfolios.


The Corporate Responsibility Program addresses the corporations in which the Benedictine Sisters hold stock. The program uses the power of stock ownership to raise critical issues of our day with management, workers, boards of directors and the public.
Key issues that have been approached, using resolutions and dialogue:

    • Human rights policies and implementation
    • Pay disparity between the CEO and lowest paid workers
    • Health care benefits
    • Working conditions, especially in the maquiladoras in Mexico
    • Diversity on the Board of Directors
    • How companies monitor factories which supply goods for their stores
    • Pharmaceutical Price Restraint
    • Ecological issues such as working toward reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the implications of hydraulic fracturing “fracking” and the study of toxins in products.

Sr. Susan Mika is the Director of the Benedictine Sisters’ Corporate Responsibility Program and works with the Benedictine Coalition for Responsible Investment.

The Sisters’ involvement in Corporate Responsibility gives them a direct link to further progress on human rights and environmental issues, which has an effect locally, nationally and globally.

This program addresses the cry of the poor and disenfranchised by being a link between groups having little power to those running corporations.

Caridad de Corazón

Caridad de Corazón, Charity of the Heart, is a life-changing program of the Benedictine Sisters of Boerne. Established in Eagle Pass, Texas in 2000, its purpose is to respond to the needs of the poor and disenfranchised living in communities near the Texas/Mexico Border. The Sisters, along with dedicated volunteers, strongly advocate for the poor by promoting health education and providing food, household goods, and medical equipment to those in need. Thousands of men, women, and children near the Texas/Mexico border have benefited from Caridad’s services. Due to the tremendous social and health needs in the area, this number will continue to rise.

The Benedictine Sisters own a house in Eagle Pass that is available to church groups, university students, and volunteers from various regions of the United States seeking service work in the area. In addition to providing accommodations and meals, the Sisters offer training and service opportunities.

Service volunteerism at Caridad continues to increase annually. Hundreds of volunteers have stayed with the Sisters during the past several years and were actively involved in mission projects. If you are interested in a mission service project, please call (830) 758-0812.

Casa Caridad

Mission Group Allocates Time and Resources to Caridad Mission House

Casa CaridadSt. John Vianney Parishioners from Houston, TX recently visited the Sisters in Eagle Pass, TX. During their mission trip, they found time to spruce up the Caridad Mission House landscape with native plants and a cactus garden.

Special thanks to all who contributed to this much needed “home” improvement!

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