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“Let them prefer nothing whatever to Christ, and may Christ bring us all together to everlasting life.”
RB 72.11-12

In Loving Memory

Our Sisters who have gone before us faithfully sought God in their work and prayer. They lived the Benedictine way of life as the Rule invited them. “If we wish to dwell in God’s tent, we will never arrive unless we run there by doing good deeds” (RB, Prologue).

They gifted us with their wisdom. Their memories are ever present, reminding each of us to love above all, live simply and purposefully, act justly, and respect all of God’s creation.

We rejoice with them as they walk into the arms of the Holy One and we remember St. Benedict’s words in the prologue:
What is more delightful than this voice of the Holy One calling to us? See how God’s love shows us the way of life. Clothed then with faith and the performance of good works, let us set out on this way, with the gospel for our guide, that we may deserve to see the Holy One.

Lidwina Weber
Our Foundress
March 25, 1920
Leocadia Weisbecker
Our Co-Foundress
January 10, 1930
Sister Germaine Marie Sutton
Germaine Marie Sutton
September 20, 2021
Mary Rose Goertz
March 27, 2021
Mechtilde Goertz, OSB
Mechtilde Goertz
January 11, 2019
Lucille Goertz
April 22, 2018
Thecla Goertz
December 23, 2011
Angela Arencibia
March 22, 2005
Scholastica Eisenbeck
December 14, 2004
Anne Marie Williams
January 11, 2002
Mildred Hug
December 22, 1998
Benetia Herrera
February 6, 1998
Theresa McIntyre
November 11, 1994
Lioba Bartsch
March 23, 1991
Imelda Marie Pawlowski
July 4, 1985
Mary Margaret Menger
June 2, 1984
Hildegarde Wright
November 19, 1983
Benedicta Hug
August 27, 1983
Gertrude Walsh
March 3, 1974
Cecelia Jasik
November 16, 1973
Agnes Ferry
May 29, 1973
Monica Garcia
May 5, 1972
Raphael Walsh
February 2, 1969
Boniface Bartsch
November 24, 1967
Theresa Walsh
June 8, 1965
Joseph Hess
July 27, 1963
Christina Stanush
April 3, 1961
Leo Marie Goertz
November 28, 1945
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