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Sacred Spaces

Guests are welcomed as they enter Benedict Hall.

In Chapter 31 of the Rule, we read “treat all things as if they were sacred vessels of the altar, aware that nothing should be neglected.” We invite you to come and rest awhile in the sacred spaces that God has created for all of us to enjoy. These sacred spaces are indeed like sacred vessels not to be neglected. Come and spend time in one of our pagodas, looking over God’s beauty. Come and spend time in our outdoor chapel, reflecting on the sacred energy that you find there from all the different forms of worship that have been celebrated in this space. Take a walk along our sacred paths. Sit in one of our many chapels on the hill and spend some quiet time. Visit our cemetery and take time to pray for your own loved ones that have passed.

The prayer chair adjacent the outdoor chapel
(photo by Jack Morgan)
The gazebo in autumn
Holy Angels Cemetery on our grounds
(photo by Duane Peterson)
Our Lady of Guadalupe in the garden visible from the chapel
The small prayer chapel at Omega Retreat Center
A beautiful reminder in our conference room
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