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Lent Unfolds by Sr. Sylvia Ahr, OSB

Sr. Sylvia's Reflection Graphic - Feb 2024“…He was among wild beasts, and the angels ministered to Him…  Mark 1:12-15

As I have prayed with this gospel of the First Sunday of Lent, I was drawn to the words above. It occurs to me that we have many “beasts” among us in our current times. “Beasts” that are natural: earthquakes, floods, fires, etc. We have “beasts” that are people made: war, poverty, oppressions, etc. We have “beasts” that are within our hearts: disrespect, false power, jealousy, etc.

These “beasts” are ministered to by “angels”, those persons who care enough to say I will do my part, small as it may be, to lift others’ burdens. In lifting others’ burdens I lift my own, also. In ministering to others, I am drawn out of my own sinfulness to a closer life with Jesus.

During this Lent I feel I am called to repent. To change my mind and heart to a different, Jesus-like, way of being. I am called to face the “beasts” of this world especially those within myself, and to do my part to change the “beasts” to something new and life-giving. I, of course, begin with myself and the “beasts” within. In changing myself I believe I am ministering to the world around me. This seems to be a good attitude with which to begin this Lenten Season.

God bless your Lenten journey.

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