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Fifth Sunday of Lent

John 12:20-33

As we draw closer to Holy Week, the readings remind us of what is coming. In this reading, Jesus wants us to know that as we look at his death and ours as well, we are not talking about the ending of a life, but about transitioning from the old to the new, from this life to the life eternal that has been promised to us. Jesus tells his disciples that now is the time for the Son of Man to be glorified. He wants his disciples then and now to understand death and resurrection.

As we walk this journey of Lent, a professor at Creighton writes “are we willing to be like garden seeds and risk being split apart so that we can renew ourselves and grow into a life rich with abundance to share with others? Are we willing to dedicate ourselves to growing our faith and our relationship with Christ so that we may become the Christians God wants us to be? Equally as important, are we willing to let the world’s greatest gardener nurture us, not by sun and water, but by His never-ending love and his promise to us each and every day?”

I loved this quote because it summarizes our journey through Lent. How do I, how do you answer the questions? Have we allowed God to help us grow deeper in faith? Am I closer to being the person God wants me to be? How has this Lent been different for me? What transformation has happened for me?

May the remainder of your Lenten walk be blessed with moments of awareness and transformation. Together let us glorify our God for what God has done for us and for what God asks of us!

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