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Let Us Pray

Let Us PrayOn behalf of the Boerne Benedictines, we are saddened by the current death toll of 53 migrants who died the horrific death by heat and who were found in an abandoned un-airconditioned tractor-trailer on the south side of San Antonio, TX on June 27, 2022.

We are grateful for the lives that were saved by the action of the people who heard their cries for help and for the action of the First Responders. We pray for the eternal rest for those who died, for consolation for their families back home and for healing for those still in hospitals.

I can only imagine that what these migrants were trying to find was a better life by seeking work to sustain them and their families. Instead, they were victims of those who are unscrupulous and who take advantage of the poor.

Let us join in prayer for those who died and for those who survived this ordeal. Let us also contact those we have elected to represent us in Washington to enact just immigration policies.

Sr. Bernadine Reyes, OSB

* You can watch the Memorial Mass recorded on June 30, 2022 at San Fernando Cathedral in San Antonio, remembering the 53 migrants who died. The Archbishop’s homily was very emotional and powerful. The YouTube link is here –

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