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Thank You to LCWR!

In early 2022, the Benedictine Sisters received a $25,000 “Re-Igniting Ministries post-COVID 19” Grant from the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR). The funds, provided to LCWR by the Hilton Foundation, were restricted to our Caridad de Corazόn border ministry in Eagle Pass, Texas. They were intended to help ministries that were impacted by months of COVID-19 and that serve the most vulnerable and marginalized populations.

We are deeply grateful to the LCWR for recognizing the importance of our work and the need at the border. Below is a testament of gratitude from Sister Ursula Herrera, OSB, Director of our Caridad de Corazόn. 


Dear LCWR,

I am truly grateful to you and the Hilton Foundation for awarding our Caridad de Corazón Ministry a $25,000 grant. The funding has been lifesaving for so many at the US/Mexico border. We have been able to purchase two stoves, a refrigerator, shelving, food, and supplies for asylum seekers. 

Along with our collaborative partners, Mission Border Hope, Catholic Charities, the Lutheran Church, and the Church of Latter Day Saints, we have been able to serve more than 115,500 women, children, and families seeking refuge and a better life. We have been able to provide three nutritious meals a day to 300 -1,000 people. Recently however, due to high volume of individuals coming, we serve a hot meal to 300 – 500 folks daily. We are having to close the kitchen for 20 minutes while more food is prepared. We would not be able to keep up with the increasing volume of guests were it not for the grant. Unfortunately, our idea of using washable plates and cups has not been realized as we do not have enough staff to assist in this task. Consequently, we are having to purchase paper plates and cups. Again, we would not be able to do this without the grant. 

There are not enough words to express my appreciation to LCWR and the Hilton Foundation. May God’s grace and favor be upon all who made this grant possible!


Sr. Ursula Herrera, OSB

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